General Knowledge Quiz 1:

Here are 10 questions for you to have a go at: Flex that brain and show us what you are made of. Join our active quiz group by clicking the picture below!

Questions: 1) When you take credit for someone else’s work you are said to steal their what?

2) Which American comedy show shares its name with an idea of how the universe began proposed by Georges Lemaitre

3) At 1748 sq miles, which is the largest of Britain’s National Parks?

4) The TV series Downton Abbey is set in which county?

5) What is the English equivalent to the term ‘janitor’ in America?

6) The Road to Wigan……what, is a book by George Orwell?

7) Situated on the South Bank between Hungerford and Westminster bridges, what has a diameter of 135 metres?

8) Which British physician and scientist developed a vaccination for smallpox in 1796?

9) The battle of Balaclava took place during which war?

10) In October 1969 the Archies had a UK No1 with which sweetly titled song?

Answers: General Knowledge Quiz 1 1: Thunder

2: The Big Bang Theory

3: Cairngorms National Park

4: Yorkshire

5: Caretaker

6: Pier

7: London Eye

8: Edward Jenner

9: The Crimean War

10: Sugar Sugar

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