Freinds in a Smartphone Quiz




Challenge your family and friends and settle once and for all who is the smartest. Smartphone Quiz Knights can bring the Birthday sparkle and party atmosphere remotely or physically. The answer to the question of will you be the smartest is down to you! A night of fun and games to start the celebrations.


Smartphone quizzes are becoming an increasingly popular way of entertaining wedding guests on your special day. A great way of bringing families and friends together with an added competitive edge! Questions can be tailored to be 'all about' the new happy couple, a theme or just a general knowledge quiz. Proven to be a fantastic stand alone entertainment between day and evening guests arrival, after speeches or even an evening game. A fantastic way to amuse and add an a unique twist to your celebration! Team Mother-in Law or Best man?!



Let me take the pressure off you running a marathon, sitting in a bath of beans or hosting a charity event yourself. If you are looking for a brilliant way to bring people together to help raise a lot money for your chosen charity, this is the way for you! Smartphone Quizzes have proven to be a hugely successful way to help raise money for many charities and causes. In the last two years alone I have helped many friends and families raise over £10,000 pounds for their chosen charities.


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